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Are you excited and what expectations do you have with your trip to Östersund?
I am very excited to come and just kill it in our division with the rest of the team. I expect it to be very competitive and I am also expecting to develop more as a player. I also expect this team to do very well this year, we seem to have great players on our team. I am also excited to venture out and live outside of the U.S.

Do you know anything about sweden before you decided to come here?
I actually know that Sweden is very beautiful and it is very cold, but coming from Colorado it should not be that much of a change. My friend played in Sweden so he told me a bit about it, I know that he said Swedish was not that hard to learn but I am going to try and learn some Swedish before I come.

Describe yourself as a footballplayer?

As a football player I feel my athleticism and my physical strength helps out a lot. My one main goal is to win, I am a very competitive person and especially when it comes to soccer I hate losing. I feel my strengths would be speed and playing long balls in the air. I feel I need to work on my technical and tactical skills a bit.

Besides football, what do you like most to do?
Besides playing football I dance (hip hop) I also love working out at the gym and playing American Football and basketball with my dad and my little brother. I spend a lot of time with my family, they are very important to me.

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